"A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come;but when her baby is born she forgets the anguishbecause of her joy that a child is born into the world."John 16:21

Thursday, July 29, 2010

First trip to Emergency Room :(

Remember all the times you had a stuffy nose and junk in your throat? So much stuff that all you wanted to do was cough it up and lay in the bed all day?? Yea well Dav has that crap! I'm pretty sure he got it from his uncle Taibo but the Dr. said there is 150 viruses they can get. He also told me its a baby's job to get sick until they are about 3 years old. But of course that didn't go over so well with me. I hate having a sick baby boy.. He's pitiful. I'm talking barking like a seal, snot all over the place, and can't sleep. That's not okay in my book, i want a happy boy that isn't miserable. He said it builds their little immune system. Booo

Dee and I decided it was time to take him in with a temp of 102.

I tried my hardest to not give him Tylenol but he was just so sad we had to do something. They told me to give him baby Advil and baby Tylenol every 3 hours :( I know, I know its horrible but my boy is desperate. I have been giving him Saline drops in his nose as well as takin' the "sucker" to his throat.. Surprisingly it doesn't bother him?? Hates it in his nose though. Calm child is also going through his little system. Its a herbal supplement to help them stay calm. Tastes so yummy, too!

With 3 hours spent in the emergency room.. We were told that our boy has an upper respiratory infection, viral symptoms, and a fever. Bless. Also found out why he has that yucky rash on his little cheeks. The acid in babies saliva goes up while teething and with his sucking a paci... it sits on his skin and makes that awful rash :( A&D makes it better!

You couldn't tell he was sick while we were there... You know he had to be the ladies man that he is and flirt. He smiled, giggled, and screamed at all the nurses. He was eatin' it up. I'm glad i got me such a good sport :)

Davyn weights 20.5 pounds and is perfect (besides his little cold.) Keep him in your prayers, please! I miss my 7 hours of sleep at night and I'm sure he does as well.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random post

Love my boys sooo much.
I don't think this past weekend could have been any hotter. It felt like 110 degrees outside on Saturday. Instead of taking Dav to the pool we tried Bele Chere. He did really good till he got so hot and sleepy.. He fussed till his daddy rocked him to sleep. Poor guy. Nothing to exciting from this event.. Same people, same stuff, and same weather. Boooring. So on Sunday we decided to stay home in the bed most of the day. We had our sweet girl this past weekend so we definitely enjoyed time with her.

No.. She's not a Diva. You can't tell at all.
I have so many pictures on my camera that i haven't posted which is why this is kinda my "random" blog. Ill get more organized next time.. promise.
Loves water
Yep.. thats his Aunt Lauren.. Enough said.
Dav and Ava
Mmmm Biter biscuits
This is how he feels about the grass...
Cousins having play time.
Cutest butt crack i've ever seen.

My boy's pearly whites!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sweet summer time

Weekends never last long enough for us. Neither does summer. But definitely enjoying it while it lasts. The family and I went to a cook out this past weekend for the "cloggers".. Dav loves clogging by the way. He thought it was the neatest thing.
Anyways, the cookout consisted of eating, swimming, talking, eating some more, sleeping, eating again for Dav. That hot weather made him hungry and sleepy. Didnt stop him from staying in the pool though! My boy is such a fish.

He also loves watching everyone run around playing wiffle ball. :) Already showin' his athletic side.

Laughing at his daddy playin' ball.
He didn't know what to think of this.. thing.

My boy loves drinking water and apple juice out of his big boy cup. He would much rather it be in a water bottle so it goes all down his clothes.. go figure.

But probably not as much as he loves sucking on fruits and veggies. (Carrots are such a good teether, by the way.) Anything from watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, celery, and lemons.
Yep, I said it. LEMONS.. He could suck a lemon for as long as you let him.
For some reason it doesnt surprise me thought.. That boy loves anything and everything. Well, except peaches. I got me one heck of a boy! :)

I walk away for 2 minutes... this is what he is capable of.
Bele Chere is this weekend and we are going to enjoy this, too! With our sweet Tiyah and friends. Hope everyone has a safe weekend.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Daddy's boy.

Poor thing never gets to sleep. Davyn's daddy thinks its so funny to mess with him when he's napping... this is what he gets.

But i do love them mucho!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We have a baby boy who sits up and rolls over now. He doesn't just roll over, he flips. He will see a toy on the ground or see someone he wants to talk to and he flings his body all the way over. In no time my boy will be crawling. Dee is insisting on that step... He said he wants to teach him how to crawl, walk, and talk. Believe it or not, Davyn said ma ma ma ma yesterday!!! My heart melted. We say ma ma and da da to him though out the day so he will start saying it. Even though i love his little voice I'm not so fond of him saying ba ba. I'm sure it will be precious but he will be on a cup before he can talk- talk. He loves drinking water out of a water bottle.. I'm going to start giving the apple juice in a sippy cup soon.
His bottom right tooth is tryin' to push thru so bad. Poor boy is in pain from that stubborn thing. We have been giving him a frozen wash cloth and that's been a huge help... Along with fingers, and drops. Dav is such a little sucker.. he fake coughs to get your attention. :) Love him.

Have seen a lot of this sleeping baby.
Poor thing fell asleep sitting up, mad at his tooth.
Davyn's favorite thing is... water. I can't get that boy out of the bath with out his trying to fight me to splash the water. He even thinks he's big enough to take baths without his "baby" tub. I was giving him a bath the other morning and he sat completely up in it. I about died. He watches the water flow out of the faucet and thinks its the neatest thing. I eventually gave in and took the "baby" tub out and let him be a big boy. He sat up the whole time and splashed splashed splashed. I miss those baths in the sink, by the way. He was so tiny then.

Love them sweet toes. Even soggy :)

We have been trying to get to the lake at least once a week. Of course, Dav loves it. He always falls asleep on the way there and back to the car. We have to walk a half mile or so.. He def gets bored. He doesn't care anymore if kids splash him or make him swallow water. In fact, he laughs at them. Hopefully he's always such a good sport.

6 months check- up should be soon. Cant wait to see how big my chunk is!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Little bit of everything

I know, I know.. you don’t even have to tell me… I am slacking on my blogger posts. I can barely keep up with my house, a 6 month old, Dee, work, family, and everything else our lives consist of. I never got to post the pictures from the water park, family reunion, lake, or the 4th. Now hes turning 6 months and I HAVE to post this one.

I got lucky with the best baby ever.

· He likes to travel.. plane or car.

· LOVES the water.

· Good eater.

· Good sleeper.

· Loves play time.

· GREAT talker. (Tells better stories than anyone I know).

· “Advanced” for his age.

· Healthy as can be.

· Sweetest smile.

· Snuggler.

· && such a lover :)

I used to love the “paci” Well not anymore… Drool and paci’s don’t go well together. Davyn already has sensitive skin… But has to have his paci. So since that is a must he has a lovely, bright red rash on his sweet cheeks. I wish he would just give up the paci so we could solve the problem. But no, 6 month old boys have to have their way. He refuses to sleep without it.

Well big boys get big things. He got his new big boy car seat... he doesn't have to sleep with the supporter at night, he can have apple juice aaannnndd he is almost sitting up on his own as well as crawling. Did i mention the 2 teeth he has coming in on the bottom!?!

Seriously, its to much for me to handle. He has been so fussy since they have been trying to poke thru. Frozen waffles, fingers, his teething paci, raw carrots, and teething drops have become our #1 fan this stage. I think I'm gonna die when he starts runnin' and talkin'. I'm definitely cherishing every moment i have while it lasts of my baby boy.

No.. you cant tell he loves his car seat or anything...

Or maybe its just his toes :)

I think he knows he turned 6 months. Or maybe he just knows he is getting to be a big boy. He is eating like a big boy and gets apple juice like a big boy. So sad. He woke up with a different attitude. Not that we told him every 30 minutes or anything...

His little personality is definitely shining thru. I'm proud to say that he is one big momma’s boy. Don’t get me wrong he absolutely loves his daddy. :) When its time for bed/nap or time to eat he only wants me. J He likes playing xbox, taking naps naked, baths, watching basketball, talking in mirrors, eatin’ sweets, swinging, and chillin’ with his daddy. There is much more they do together but I could go on for days…

Playin' on his changing table with his daddyy.

This is only 1/988 pictures i have of them in the bath together.

Since I’ve been such a slacker here are pictures from basically the whole month of June.

What I tell ya, needs his momma to sleep.

He loves secrets!

I think i'm in love with his hands?

But how could you not be?

Lovin' the water

Wore out from Fam reunion.. but stays happy.

Blowin' bubbles with his ya-ya.