"A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come;but when her baby is born she forgets the anguishbecause of her joy that a child is born into the world."John 16:21

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Knock, Knock

Anyone home?? Sorry to leave you for so long! As you can guess life with an 8 month old is filled with lots of lounging, blogging, shaving my legs... you know, things like that. Ha. I wish.

Its fun crazy though. The fun part is watching Davyn grow like a WEED! He's 8 months old this week and busy, busy, busy. I feel like the first few months there were exciting milestones every couple of weeks, these days I feel like he's doing something new every 2 days. He laughs like crazy and is so expressive. Finally knows what mama, baba, and dada mean. He's a pretty good car rider but when you hear BABABABA coming from the back... you better pull over and feed that munckin. He is mobile. Yep, I said it... my boy has almost got the crawling thing down. Mean ol' floor that gets him every time he slips. Eating like crazy.. Growing like a weed and has the sweetest personality. He's also starting to grow some hair, finally! He was a little baldie for so long. Dav is super interested in people, or just a big flirt.

Standing in line at the grocery store is like center stage, he's always looking around me or behind him to find someone to make faces at. His "Mariah Carey" scream is for all the little kids that he finds, Digging his face in his momma's shirt and playing hide-n-seek is for all the cute girls, and for anyone else he just talks and smiles at. Such a happy camper. :)

We sure have missed that dad of his. Thank heavens we will be visiting Boston once a month. I'm hoping Dav is a sweet, sleeping baby the whole ride on that awful plane. My luck he will be fighting me and the person beside us to get on the floor or chew their fingers.

College football has officially started!! We are thrilled. Well, I am.. Dav's not.

But he's still a hunk :)