"A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come;but when her baby is born she forgets the anguishbecause of her joy that a child is born into the world."John 16:21

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mommy's best friend

Davyn has been having the hardest time... bless his heart.
This teething crap just doesn't like him so much. Poor boy will just start screaming bc of them mean ol teeth. I don't want to give him baby tylenol for this but its starting to look that way. He is such a happy camper in the morning and does good throughout the day, but around 4 or so I'm pretty sure the neighbors hear this hurtin' baby. He will scream for a good 1 1/2. Only thing we can do is walk him around and bounce him.
Thank goodness for teething paci's! I highly recommend them and you can tell Dav is as thankful as I am. He chews that bad boy like a dog chewin' a bone. Poor baby :(

It was such a beautiful Sunday yesterday. Unfortunately, I did not get to lay in the sun... but even better, i had my sweet TT and the best boy ever.

Dee made filet mingons, greens, pasta, & yummy rolls. Love him. We just enjoyed the pretty weather and one another. I took a few pictures of my boy with a pretty flower TT picked me. They turned out precious even though his daddy didn't care for them so much :)

We go to the dr. on Wednesday.. Cant wait to see how big Davyn has got!!! I'll be sure to post it.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

STOP Growing!!!!

I HATE that my sweet little boy is growin' so darn fast. He started holding his bottle BY HIMSELF this morning! UGH!
Davyn has always been held and rocked while he eats... but now, he thinks he is a big boy and can hold his bottle all on his own. But he can't fool me! He is still a momma's boy and needs me to go to sleep, or when his teeth hurt, or when he just wants to be loved. I do it the best :) We gave him rice cereal for the first time the other day and he LOVED it!

He doesn't fit into any 0-3 month clothes anymore.. which breaks my heart. I mean I love watching him grow and all... But i sure do miss just being able to hold him ALL the time and him needing me 24/7. Now he has his daddy home. Which spoils him as well and gets a TON of my boy's smiles. I honestly thought Dav would be kinda scared of Dee since he has been at school? But i guess i was wrong... Must be instinct bc he sure does love his dad.

Davyn is teething BAD. We went to Babies R US this morning and got him a Razzle teething paci. So far he isn't to fond of it bc it is bumpy and kinda big. But as the day has went on he is starting to chew on it. My fingers are officially chew toys for that boy. He will sit and chew till he falls asleep on Dee and I's fingers. That would be completely fine with me but when them teeth start coming in... It will start to be painful. We have been rubbing baby oragel on his tiny gums to help with his crying fits. He will be so happy one minute and them he is screaming trying to eat his fist. I feel so bad for him :( I will probably start giving him frozen waffles when he hits 5 months. My doctor said she had never heard of such a thing but i hear it ALOT. So i will try anything to help my sweet boy. I am pretty sure thats where all this sleepiness has come from. He was taking 4-5 hour naps a day. Thats not normal for Dav, He will sleep for like 30 minutes after every feeding. Has to be these teeth. I also must add that he sleeps in his OWN crib in his OWN room now!

Member how i said my boy is a poopin' kinda kid? Well it hasn't changed.. its gotten worse. We changed diapers bc he would get poop all the way up his back.. some times to his shoulders. He was on Huggies but im HANDS DOWN a Pamper's fan. I feel like they hold so much more. I never let him sit in a dirty diaper but my boy fills a diaper every time he goes to the bathroom. Anyways... We went to Ichiban the other night with our friends Lynsey and Luke of course DELISH like always. After that we went to the mall to buy a few things and Lyney insisted on carrying him all threw the mall. We had his stroller she just wanted to carry his big butt... BIG MISTAKE! Dav managed to poop completely out his diaper... over the top of his pants. I normally wouldnt put such a thing on here but i was so shocked. There was nothing in the diaper just came out the top of it. Boys.......
Well here it is.. Sorry if i grossed you out but i had to do it.

I have started working and have never missed my boy more than I do when i work. Maybe cause i dont wanna be there, but it hurts my heart :( Dee sure is the best baby sitter though. I dont let any one else keep him so thank goodness Dee fits the job :) We are having a cookout tomorrow for Tiyah's birthday tomorrow so i will have more pictures to put up.

Monday, May 17, 2010

10 toes &10 fingers

I feel like we have had a busy week... I mean, we did but at the same time my little boy has been quite lazy! He has been taking 4 hour naps during the day and sleeping ALL night. He has been so good too. Only time he gets fussy is when he's sleepy or hungry. And i seriously have no idea how he is sleeping so much. Maybe a growth spurt? Who knows I'm definitely not complaining one bit. I have been getting so much done. We got our house moved and almost finished.. Tons of shopping and a crap load of cleaning. Thank goodness my wonderful boyfriend gets up with him in the mornings. I have caught up on sooo much sleep! I swear we don't stay in pj's ALL the time, but with all the sleepin' my boy has been doing... He stays in his for quite some time. :)

On top of his sleepiness, i think a sneaky little tooth is trying to poke through. He has been chewing on E-V-E-R-YTHING! This includes:
  • Mommy & Daddy's finger's
  • His blankets
  • His poor toys
  • Paci
  • Nipples on his bottle

That does come with all that lovely slobber too. Which doesn't bother me at all :) I could blog about his lil butt all day but have to get back to un packing :( Here are some pictures over the past couple days. He found his toes and would love to chew on them too, but his belly gets in the way.
My goodness i sure do love my sweet baby boy!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

4 month boy!

My goodness does time fly by! My boy is already 4 months and i feel like he should still be in his first month?? Not that i don't love every minute of him, but i sure do miss the days where he ate every 2 hours and just had to be held alll the time. I mean, i hold him all the time now.. but 16 lbs starts to get pretty heavy. He is the most precious and sweetest thing. I couldn't have asked for a better baby boy. Now a days... he tends to talk to EVERYTHING and smiles ALL the time, with drool as well. We think he is cutting a tooth in the bottom left side of his gums. Dee saw it first.. then i looked and I'm pretty sure its a tooth! So so excited about it. He does a lot of playing these days and HAS to be talked to.. no matter what. He wants all the attention... ALL the time! Which is completely okay bc he sure does get it. Now that daddy is home... He's twice as spoiled.

Well for Davyn's 4 months we went to a nice place called Uno's in Boston with some oh so sweet friends. Our lovely friend Taryn got Dav the "Hungry Caterpillar" book. And boy... DOES HE LOVE IT!
Kyle & Aisha got him this really neat monkey toy from Curious George. It has these little teething rings on each limb, a squeaky toy in the head, and crunchy ears that he likes to chew on.
Here are a few pictures from his party!

Poor boy was so sleepy.

Davyn's yaya took him on a "grandma play date" yesterday with some of her friends from work. She said the boys talked and giggled for a good 35 minutes! They are a little less than a month a part and had such a good time.. and of course got a TON of baby talk.

Our little man has been such a good sleeper... In fact, he slept 13 hours in the car on the way back home from Boston! I was very impressed and glad our trip went fast. Here's how our trip went.
  • Dav ate
  • Dav slept
  • Ate again
  • Played for 20 mins
  • Talked about his toy monkey
  • Ate once more
  • Then slept till 8 the next morning!
I have also got to say... I had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day with my boys. They let me sleep in early and i woke up to 2 nice big smiles from them :) I got a precious card and a beautiful purple orchid. Even though they were a little sick... We made the best of it. I couldn't ask for a better man or son.

Dee is quite the baby sitter :) I had a ton of errands to do today so Dee & Dav has a boy's day together. They even cleaned the house for mommy :) Sounds so great huh?? They might have cleaned... but I'm pretty sure they played some x-box too. Not a fan.

Its 10:40 and my boy is asleep so i think i will join him :) Got a long day tomorrow, Ichiban with the family for Dee's birthday and bunches to do around the house. Nice excuse to make a really fattening chocolate cake.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Boston trip

Let me just say... Drivin' all the way to Boston, MA SUCKS!! It took us about 22 hours to get here. But of course, I definitely couldn't drive all that way in 1 day.. So we stayed with our lovely friend Catye on Monday night at JMU. Such a beautiful campus for students to enjoy and such nice people. We stayed up till midnight watching Avatar with her, not such a good idea but it was nice to spend time with her. Davyn did AMAZINGLY well on this road trip. I honestly thought it was going to take me 3 days to get here... but he did SOO well. For a child who absolutely hates his car seat, I was blown away. He sat in the back and just played, played, and played. With a ton of talking to his friend Elle. She's his favorite car seat
toy... She vibrates and has nice dangling legs that he likes to pull. While he is torturing her.. he is usually screaming at his mirror too. When Davyn was a itty bitty baby.. which was forever ago, he would sleep the whole time in the car. I wouldnt hear a sound but now... completely different story. He slept MAYBE 5 hours the whole trip. But so so proud of him. The way home should be a lot better... Dee will drive and i could accompany him in the back seat so hes not lonely :)

Once that lonngg drive was over we finally got to see Daddy! We were so excited to see him... He's been dying to see his lil man. I have to say.. Ive been a little jealous of him since we been here. He has Davyn ALL the time now and he's not so much focused on mommy as he was. Glad he has such a good daddy though. So blessed to have my boys. BUT tomorrow is MY day :) and I'm gonna be spending it with the best son in the world! Here's some pictures of Daddy and baby

We went into Boston to go shopping :) here are a few pictures from our time in Boston.

We tried to take some pictures in front of flowers for my mom's Mother's day card :) But one thing that's a little more important than Mother's day... My baby's 4 MONTH BIRTHDAY!! 3 moths was probably the best (even though I love them all). He just is getting to know how to put everything in his mouth and smiles at everything you say to him. He isn't a very fussy boy... only when he's hungry. I have him pretty darn spoiled so he will only go to sleep if IM holding him. But i love it :) We went to the doc on Monday morning before we left on our road trip... I got me a 16 pounder! He is 26 and some odd centimeters long. He cant fit in pj's unless they are 6 months because he's so long. Everything went perfect with his doctor's visit and we love our new doctor.

I found some really neat baby clothing stores up here in Boston. I plan to make a trip to them every time i visit :)
We are celebrating Davyns 4 mo. B-day party tonight with the basketball team and some Harvard friends.. I'm sure i will have plenty of pictures from tonight!!
Happy Birthday sweet baby momma and daddy love you and Happy Mother's day to all you wonderful Mothers!!