"A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come;but when her baby is born she forgets the anguishbecause of her joy that a child is born into the world."John 16:21

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hello, My Sunshine

What a beautiful day today, huh? The wind could have been just a little bit slower but those sun rays felt sooo good today. I needed it, for sure. It's pretty sad how white I am right now... actually disgusting. Probably the palest I've been in a REALLY long time... well Ever. I tried laying out a few times back when it was like 110 degree's out.. But Tooda wasn't havin' it. Hopefully when his daddy comes home I can have some "Mommy" time and get to lay out again. && maybe some nice massages. I don't know if its just me or what? I swear my back just tightens up more and more every day. I mean, carryin' a 16 pound baby around all day cant be the best thing but my goodness... This has got to go away... Dee.

We did a bunch of runnin' around today. Nothing to exciting but he sure was in a happy mood. I think he is just the cutest lil thing :)

Our Grandpa is coming into town this weekend... Will be the first time he gets to meet Dav. He is actually the first great grandbaby on dad's side. So hes so anxious to see him. We are taking 4th generation pics on Saturday, Ill be sure to post those. Well, since he is coming into town i have been cleaning like CRAZY. Ugh I'm pooped.

I'm also pretty tired from the past couple of nights. My little boy had decided, no crib for him. Before we started the whole crib thing.. he slept from 8 at night to 7 in the morning. Now... since he has been sleeping in the crib, he thinks he should wake me up at 3 every morning and tell me all kinds of good stories. Not gonna lie.. I love love love his little stories but would prefer to hear them during the day.. not at 3 in the morning.
Since he has been waking up so early he has been pretty tired during the day. Kinda whiny around lunch time...

I know this is awful... but its sooo stinkin' cute. Dee is actually the first one to get to see this face. He doesn't know if he wants to laugh or cry but his bottom lip sticks straight out... cutest thing ever. Not only does his bottom lip stick out... but he has those sweet puppy dog eyes. So i caught a few on camera :) Love you Dav!

Daddy calls and talks to him every day... So here's him holding the phone all by his self, trying to be grown :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thumb sucker...

Davyn finally found his thumb! I know its a bad habit to break from small children... But its so precious and he will fall asleep on his own! Last night he started grunting around 2.. So i just knew i was gonna have to get up and give him his paci, but he got that sweet little thumb. Started sucking away and fell right back to sleep. It is sooo stinkin' cute!

Dav has been getting 2 baths a day lately... He has been a poopin' kinda boy. Some days he does good and keeps it in his diapers, but the next... he is getting it all the way to his shoulders. I think he does it on purpose so he can just have a bath :) Which isnt a problem at all. I get so many sweet giggles and adorable faces. Maybe he likes the little rubs he gets after as well.. He's a little momma's boy and DEFINITELY got me wrapped around those little fingers.

Member our reading time we have?? Well... We got us a new Cosmo and have been reading that the past two days. I also have been reading his little baby books and he just thinks they are so funny. He really enjoys looking at the pictures when i read to him.. I'm gonna have me one smart boy! I put his little slippers on him that we just found and they are soooo fuzzy and warm. Not only that, he kept them on for at least an hour. Was so proud of him! Here's a few pictures from our reading time when he was trying to help me read :)

We have also had some company the past 2 days... Tanner came home Sunday, so glad hes back!

So they came to visit and i also have been babysitting my godbaby, Khloe. Love her to death but my goodness taking care of 2 3 month olds at one time is pretty challenging. I dont think it would be so hard if they didnt poop, eat, and sleep at the same time. I mean i love when i can lay them both down for a short nap, but when they both have to eat at the same time is hard. Well once i get them both fed they both want to poop... Its just a never ending process when i have them both. But i sure do love them. They played on their belly's together for a while so i could cook some supper. So funny to listen to them from the other room just talking to each other.. Wish i could understand baby gibberish :)

Told you my Tooda was all smiles :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Playful Cutie

Been a few days since i have blogged... So much happens in my short days when I come to blog, i lose it all. Anyways, Davyn has been a bundle of energy this weekend. He definitely isn't a sleeper during the day anymore. I kinda miss our naps throughout the day, but he sure does keep me entertained and busy. Your gonna be SO proud of me!!! Davyn has slept in his crib 2 nights in a row!! I swore that I wasn't going to be the mom that had a 10 yr old in my bed so i figured i had to start somewhere... Dee will be home very soon and all 3 of us in one bed, just doesn't work very well. Both them boys are wigglers and steal covers. So Dav will be in his crib sleeping like a rock! Bedtime is usually around 8 or 9 and his sweet self will let momma sleep till 7 the next morning. The 2nd night he started grunting and whining around 1 in the morning... All he wanted was his paci back. I wouldn't know what to do without our loyal paci's :) Here is Dav's first night in the crib all by himself, such a big boy!

I think Davyn was blessed with the best yaya! She is always getting him lots of cool toys and books. There is this ladybug book that he LOVES. She reads it to him every time she sees him, but now... He wants to look at the picture's. While she is attempting to read him the story, he is just mumbling on at how pretty the colors are in this neat book. So funny to watch.. All of his expressions makes it seem like he really knows what she is saying.

Yaya also got Davyn a play station kinda thing. I'm not sure what they are called but it keeps him super busy. I got a ton of cleaning done today thanks to this play station. He learned how to hit the buttons that make noise and he is SUPER excited about it. I love to just listen to him play and learn new things... Its amazing how much children learn growing up and its a wonderful blessing to watch my healthy son grow and learn. We didn't make it to church this Sunday, he was VERY fussy this morning and needed extra attention.

Grandpa had a whole day with Davyn while momma and his other Grandpa went to a NBA game Saturday. From the report i got from dad.. He was a happy boy and watched some Saturday morning cartoons with gpa. Not a fan of him watching TV but he loves the colors!

Tony took me to see the Bobcats vs. Magic.. It was sooo fun and got to see lots of neat people. Michael Jordan was there... But of course he was he owns the team :) I also got to see Nelly... Lookin' good as always. Unfortunately we lost, but i had a great time. Got a few snap shots of the game..
Davyn also went to his first funeral this past Friday :( He did good for the first 10 minutes and then decided he wanted to whine till i rocked him to sleep.. After he fell asleep, He was perfect! I hope that's the last funeral we have to go to in a very long time. R.I.P Dakota watch down on all of us, We sure do miss you.

Now to bed... Wonder if my little boy is going to cooperate and sleep alone? and till 7? :) Hope so.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sleepy boy.

I have had one sleepy boy today. I'm thinking this yucky rain has hit him like it hits me. I understand that the pretty flowers and little creatures need water, but i dislike the rain. It just so inconvenient for me... Messes up my hair no matter how its fixed, cant wear my flip flops or my toes will freeze, and the backs of my jeans get soaking wet. Ugh rain rain go away.

Davyn and I have just been snuggling all day, this happens to be my favorite thing might i add :) We took us an extra long bubble bath this morning and he was just soo happy about it. He loves having his little feet in the water at all times. Dav cant quite figure out the whole water thing yet... When it gets on his face he gets pretty upset. But other than that, he loves his bath time. Now that he is grabbing stuff and putting EVERYTHING in his mouth, he gets to play with his bath toys! We have a rubber ducky that makes noises and swims around in the water and Dav thinks that's the coolest thing ever. When it comes near him he gets sooo excited... So excited that he flings his arms and legs so fast that he gets water everywhere. By that time, water is on his face and he is screaming so ducky always ruins bath time.

But baths wouldn't be as fun without him. :)

I absolutely LOVE naked babies. If they are chunky, even better. So once we get out of the bath he gets rubbed down with his lavender calming oil. He will just lay there and smile if you just keep massaging his lil self.

Talking is required as well. For some reason i get a crazy look if I'm not telling him something at all times. I give him a ton of baby talk, he loves it. But i also talk to him like he can really understand what I'm saying.
I read in "Your Baby's First Years" that reading and speaking to them in a normal tone of voice will help them with learning and talking later on. So when i get my Cosmo's in the mail we have us a reading day :) He is all up to date on how to get killer confidence.
We just read that article yesterday :)) Dee also wants to get him this program called "Your Baby Can Read." Its suppose to have them talking in like 8 months and teaches them how to read from like post cards. So that's a little activity Dee can enjoy with him this summer.

Unfortunately our Doctor got sick this morning and went home, so no apt for Davyn today. We are going Friday morning instead. I always get so excited about going to the doctor. Dee and I always bet to see how much he weights. Even though he cant see or hold Davyn, he swears he can tell from pictures. :) He was pretty darn close last time so we will see who lucks out Friday. I say little man is a 16 pounder!

Hope everyone had a great rainy Tuesday!

Yay for Weekends!

Believe it or not, I had Tiyah for 3 days this weekend! I enjoyed every minute of it too. We went to the park on several diffent occasions, took them to the drum circle down town and on a picnic. Attempted to go to church Sunday morning but we slept in way to late... Tiyah is not a morning person. She is completely potty trained and is doing so well. She love's her baby Davyn, she truly believes that he is HER baby... So sweet.

So funny when TT gives him kisses, she always says "Shew my baby's spitting on my lips"

Got great news, Dee and I will be having her any time we would like this summer, super excited about that! But here are some pictures from the hippie circle.

They did SUPRISINGLY well at this circle, TT found some little girl to jump around with and Davyn... Well he just looked around. You see, he HATES loud noises... So all these people yelling in his ear just wasnt working. But he didnt scream his head off he just looked around... looked at everyone like they had 5 eyeballs but it was all good. He likes looking at people.

I could write about that sweet girl all day, but ill talk about my baby boy now :)

He is getting sooo big sooo fast. I feel like i was just in the hospital bed last week... Anyways, he had a very busy weekend and was a little jealous of his cousin. He definitely doesnt like sharing his mommy with anyone. Such a jealous boy. He got to swing by himself for the first time this weekend!!

He was questional about it... Couldnt figure out why i was pushing him away from me and then coming back. It was so funny to watch his face when he swung away. Davyn also went to his first cookout this weekend. He stared at the fire the WHOLE time, for some reason he loves looking directly at light. Im pretty sure he likes the fire better though... Kept his little toesies warm. He did better than i had expected with the whole scenario. We let him have a little taste of the roasted marshmellows when they cooled down. And let me just throw it out there.... Dav LOVES him some sweets. I try not to give him any but that formula has got to be old by now. I always get the sweetest smile after he has a taste of sugar.

He loves his ya ya.

Davyn has been doing so well with interacting. I cant believe my 3 month old can basically stand up on his own... If he could keep his balance, i would have a little boy standing on the edge of my couch... ALREADY. His little legs are so strong! He is a little talker too, as soon as he wakes up in the morning thats all i hear. He will talk to anything and about everything ALL day long. He has an elephant that he absolutely loves to chit chat with. When we are driving down the road thats all i ever hear.. him rambling on the whole car ride. No more sleeping in the car like he did when he was tiny. He is to afraid of missing something with his nosey lil butt :)

Well i could go on all day about the little stuff he does but i should probably get some sleep while hes knocked out. Lets hope he sleeps till 7, atleast! We go to the Doc tomorrow... Ill let you know how it goes. Wish us luck!