"A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come;but when her baby is born she forgets the anguishbecause of her joy that a child is born into the world."John 16:21

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

4 month boy!

My goodness does time fly by! My boy is already 4 months and i feel like he should still be in his first month?? Not that i don't love every minute of him, but i sure do miss the days where he ate every 2 hours and just had to be held alll the time. I mean, i hold him all the time now.. but 16 lbs starts to get pretty heavy. He is the most precious and sweetest thing. I couldn't have asked for a better baby boy. Now a days... he tends to talk to EVERYTHING and smiles ALL the time, with drool as well. We think he is cutting a tooth in the bottom left side of his gums. Dee saw it first.. then i looked and I'm pretty sure its a tooth! So so excited about it. He does a lot of playing these days and HAS to be talked to.. no matter what. He wants all the attention... ALL the time! Which is completely okay bc he sure does get it. Now that daddy is home... He's twice as spoiled.

Well for Davyn's 4 months we went to a nice place called Uno's in Boston with some oh so sweet friends. Our lovely friend Taryn got Dav the "Hungry Caterpillar" book. And boy... DOES HE LOVE IT!
Kyle & Aisha got him this really neat monkey toy from Curious George. It has these little teething rings on each limb, a squeaky toy in the head, and crunchy ears that he likes to chew on.
Here are a few pictures from his party!

Poor boy was so sleepy.

Davyn's yaya took him on a "grandma play date" yesterday with some of her friends from work. She said the boys talked and giggled for a good 35 minutes! They are a little less than a month a part and had such a good time.. and of course got a TON of baby talk.

Our little man has been such a good sleeper... In fact, he slept 13 hours in the car on the way back home from Boston! I was very impressed and glad our trip went fast. Here's how our trip went.
  • Dav ate
  • Dav slept
  • Ate again
  • Played for 20 mins
  • Talked about his toy monkey
  • Ate once more
  • Then slept till 8 the next morning!
I have also got to say... I had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day with my boys. They let me sleep in early and i woke up to 2 nice big smiles from them :) I got a precious card and a beautiful purple orchid. Even though they were a little sick... We made the best of it. I couldn't ask for a better man or son.

Dee is quite the baby sitter :) I had a ton of errands to do today so Dee & Dav has a boy's day together. They even cleaned the house for mommy :) Sounds so great huh?? They might have cleaned... but I'm pretty sure they played some x-box too. Not a fan.

Its 10:40 and my boy is asleep so i think i will join him :) Got a long day tomorrow, Ichiban with the family for Dee's birthday and bunches to do around the house. Nice excuse to make a really fattening chocolate cake.

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